Inspire Minds

Mission Statement


Assist children in developing important life skills such as the ability to think, question and validate their curiosity about the world. Allow children to make discoveries and problem solve while pursuing subjects and topics that are relevant and meaningful to their lives. Children are considered competent and capable members of the learning community. Each child has a right to be actively involved in activities and projects that follow their interests, engage their imaginations and peak their natural curiosity.


Provide a safe, caring and home-like environment for young children in which parents can feel confident and comfortable with the care of their children when they are away. Develop strong positive relationships with families with the goal of working together to meet the needs of individual children. Parents are invited and strongly encouraged to be part of our classroom to share skills, talents, traditions and/or lead or be a part of a classroom project. Parents are informed of what their children are learning during daily activities and projects as well as developmental milestones as children progress in our program. This is done through individual and group documentation, twice a year parent-teacher meetings, fortnightly reflection and parent education information and events.


Provide a safe, respectful and comfortable work environment for all educators. Educators are provided with reasonable non-contact times for programming and rotating rosters. Each member of our teaching team is valued and respected for their individual talents and areas of excellence and these strengths are utilized fully as we plan engaging and meaningful learning experiences in both of our Montessori and Reggio-inspired classroom. Collaboration, open communication and mutual respect are important elements of our teaching-team dynamics. All teaching staff members are considered dedicated professionals in the field of early childhood education. Regular meeting, training and professional development are provided for all staff to up skill their knowledge which will reflect their teaching quality and implementation.


Provide the highest quality early-childhood education program for children aged 6 mths – 6 years using principles of the Reggio Emilia approach for our INSPIRE Kids division and Montessori for the INSPIRE Montessori division. Consistently reflect on our current practice in order to improve and always receive all inputs and suggestions from each other, management, families and community.